Earn Referrals with Unforgettable Style

Referrals are the lifeblood of all high producing mortgage lenders. What’s in the pipeline today is dictated by what actions you have taken to create repeat business and a predictable success story. In this webinar, Honey Shelton will show you the different paths to obtaining coveted relationships and introduce or remind you of what it takes to build trusted partnerships with key players in your market.

Niche Marketing

What is your specialty? What skill, product or expertise do you bring to stay top of mind with referral sources?

Passive Marketing

Masterful referral-getters provide a service that is memorable and leverage social circles to build a network of word-of-mouth followers that refer friends, co-workers, business connections, and clients to their trustworthy mortgage lender.

Active Marketing

Targeting key influencers with a resonating marketing campaign is important to raise awareness about who the lender is and why others recommend them.

Covered Topics:

  • Assume accountability
  • Focus on results
  • Manage your time and your attitude
  • The 4 Cs - Character, Chemistry, Communication and Competence
  • Hunting and bagging business
  • Never stop communicating
  • Build your business strategies
  • Plan to succeed with important disciplines
  • Be memorable, never forget them, never let them forget you

Who Should Attend?

Mortgage lenders and marketers that want to stay ahead of the curve on growing business!

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   Live Plus Five (days) - $265   
   OnDemand Recording - $295   
   CD-ROM - $345   
   Live Plus Six (months) - $365   
   Premier Package - $395