Learn How To Properly Determine The Next Market Shift

The Great Recession 0f 2007 was a nightmare! Market Corrections happen, on average, every five years and it has now been 11 years! What are the indicators we should be looking at? Some experts predict the next correction will be twice as bad as 2007. How did we get into that mess? And, more importantly, how can you know how to predict the next correction? Join us and learn a brief history and how to differentiate yourself in the Real Estate Market. You’ll have the upper-hand because, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

Covered Topics:

  • What lead to the Great Recession of 2007?
  • No more band aids!
  • Are "they" really broke?
  • Will the next correction be twice as bad?
  • How to know when the next correction will happen? It’s easier than you think...
  • How to future proof your business

Who Should Attend?

Loan Officers and Realtors

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